Tablet Users To Surpass ONE Billion Worldwide in 2015

Total tablets believe sharing knowledge from other sources, is the best way for transparency within the Tablet space.  Below are our thoughts and opinions from leading Experts:

According to eMarketer, more than 1 billion people around the world will use Tablet Pc, that's 15% of the Global Population.  What is more staggering is, in 2012 it was under 7%.

By 2018, tablet usage we will reach 1.43 billion World wide.  Consumers have, and will be the major contributor to these statistics, however, the new driving factor with this continued growth will come from the Mobile Workforce as Businesses can now leverage the power of Tablets.

Should Your Workforce Go Mobile?

According to NDP report earlier this year, Businesses of all sizes appear determined to capitalise on the Tablet phenomenon.

  • 54 percent of small Businesses (fewer than 50 employees) plan on purchasing Tablets
  • 70 percent of Businesses with 50 to 200 employees plan on purchasing Tablets
  • 81 percent of Businesses with 201 to 500 employees plan on purchasing Tablets 
  • 89 percent of Businesses with 501 to 999 employees plan on purchasing Tablets 

Furthermore, IDC believe Tablets save Employees money and often make Employees happier.   Managing a MOBILE WORKFORCE requires a different mindset.  Below are a few external links Total tablet uses to help assist present and future Clients:


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