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Social Media in Melbourne For - Small Business Owners 

Social Media has become one of the top ways to market your Business Online and it's FREE (to some extent). The challenge that Businesses face, is the need to put in a 100% commitment and be on top of what's happening with new and existing Customers and Staff. Total tablets consults with small & large Business Owners on how Social Media can grow their brand on desktop PC and Mobile devices. Our packages are designed for both new and experienced Clients.

Understand Social Media 

Only two years ago, four out of ten users engaged with Social Networks.  Smartphone users would check their preferred Social Network 10-20 times a day.  Fast forward to now, all the major players have Social Media Apps and the majority of Social Media interaction happens on a Smartphone or Tablet.

Social Media Statistics Australia - March 2015

  • FaceBook - 14,000,000 users
  • YouTube - 13,600,000
  • Tumblr - 4,800,000
  • Instagram - 4,000,000 (biggest growth)
  • LinkedIn - 3,400,000
  • Blogspot - 2,800,000
  • Twitter - 2,791,300 Active Australian Users
  • WhatsApp - 2,400,000 Active Australian Users
  • TripAdvisor - 2,000,000 
  • Yelp - 1,500,000
  • Flickr - 700,000
  • Pinterest - 350,000
  • Reddit - 160,000
  • Myspace - 120,000
  • Google Plus - 60,000 Monthly active Australians Users

Total tablets have a solution for two types of budgets.  If you are a Business that understands the ROI Social Media brings or alternatively, a Business that wants to understand the value and necessity of Social Media within their chosen Industry, then please take a moment and complete the below form so our friendly team can get in touch.




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