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When it comes to SEO, you have to be creative.  Total tablets are one of the few SEO Agencies that see the big picture. You can't really call US your traditional 'Search Engine Optimization' Company because we do so much more than that.

The majority of Melbourne based SEO Agencies focus on standard procedures- then send you an invoice each month.  Our Strategies are focused on MOBILE SEO & LOCAL SEO, which aligns with Google's long term vision and best practises.  Furthermore, we recognise that not all Businesses need an Agency, some just need guidance and support with SEO.  Book a free Consultation today!

Mobile SEO & Local SEO 

'The Bigger Picture - why we do more!'  Google's focus is on the User experience and providing Websites, Blogs, Video's and great content with the sole purpose of answering a specific query. Whether you are a seasoned SEO User, or simply dipping your toes in for the first time, Mobile and Local SEO should be your first strategy, as it offers a higher return on investment compared to your traditional SEO.  Below are a few free tips to get you started.

  • Build a Google plus profile/review
  • Basic free citations- Yellow Pages, True Local, Yelp (to name a few)
  • Geographically targeted content  
  • Local Social Media exposure
  • Your control what you spend


Quick Side Note

Before you read our below 'Search Engine Optimization' strategies, it's important we raise a couple of important factors you should consider before engaging a Melbourne based SEO Agency. Firstly, be aware of cheaper solutions and guarantees of top spot.  The damage to your website could be catastrophic. Secondly, focusing on improving SEO is an ongoing process that never stops. Look for an agency that builds long-term solutions. SEO Agencies operate in all Capital Cities. (MELBOURNE, PERTH, SYDNEY, BRISBANE- do your research).

Search Engine Strategies Every Business needs to Apply


In today's Online World, current health checks of your Website is a must!  Are Google Search Engine Spiders crawling your Website correctly?  Agencies tend to ignore this process or execute it poorly. This is why we offer this Service for free. Our Competitors might think this is crazy. We believe it's good Business!  More.


This is one of the most important parts of our SEO strategy. GOOGLE want to rank Businesses higher in search results.  Why?  It's important you understand the ECO SYSTEM.

  • Customers search online for a product, service or seek the answer to a question 
  • Google's aim is to deliver a selection of Websites with content to answer the Customer's query
  • Businesses need to have the relevant content (information) that solves that query


Any SEO strategy is useless without understanding your Competitors.  We have all the necessary tools to find out every little detail.  It's the difference between a 1st and 2nd place ranking.


We evaluate your Mobile Consumer. Why? Consumers use Smartphones and Tablets on the go.  We need to build your SEO strategy with this in mind and more importantly we need to ensure your content on your Website is set up to direct Customers through your Sales Funnel.


Firstly, Total tablets look at your BIGGER picture. We understand a Local Business needs to be found on GOOGLE search. Today's local Consumers now use their Mobile Phone when seeking Products and Services.  At Total tablets, we find your necessary citations, and local online directory listings, such as Yellow Pages, True Local, (to name a few).  Clients are surprised when they find out these listings are free, and how they drive local Consumers to their Business.


Don't underestimate the power of Social Media and its connection to SEO, Mobile Search, Websites, Blogs etc. We will walk you through this new, and very powerful opportunity, and share with you a new way of Customer Engagement.


This is the cement to your SEO longevity, the right Links to your Website are your distinction between 1st and 2nd place ranking on Search Engines.


We can show you the importance of Mobile, Social, and Web-based analytics.  If we do not partner up in this area, your success reduces dramatically. 


The question we all hesitate in asking is, How much will this COST? However, by understanding the Online World we are dealing with, and how CONSUMER POWER NOW RULES is the only way to guarantee profits.

Finally, as you can see SEO is not a quick easy fix, but the positives of addressing one or two of the above strategies can greatly impact your bottom line.  We look forward to working with you.  Please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly!




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