The Mobile Network 2015

Total tablets believe sharing knowledge from other sources, is the best way for transparency within the Mobile Space.  Below are thoughts and opinions from leading Experts:

Cisco report- Global Mobile traffic has grown 30 times more in size, compared with internet traffic back in 2000, with almost 497 million devices and connections added in 2014, it feels more of a reality. Similarly with more mobile-connected devices than the world's population and Mobile video traffic now exceeding 55% of all mobile traffic, the next 5 years will see complete change in Consumer behaviour and how Businesses communicate with Staff and Customers alike. Check out this infographic!

With the combination of Mobile and Social Media, Nielsen reported 47% of Smartphone Owners visit Social Networks on their devices daily. In 2014 Social Media App usage increased 37% compared to 2013. We are certainly well passed the tipping point when it comes to mobile, according to ComScore today's mobile Consumer need for Mobile content, Products and Services cannot be underestimated.

Mobility Hits Australia

We believe the most important factor to consider, is a statistic reported by margin media Google receive 93.6% of internet share, whilst the other Search Engines share 6.4%, a damning statistic every Australian Business should consider due to Google's Mobile First approach!


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