Mobility Strategy

Mobile Strategy 

Never before has there been so many personal touch points to reach a Consumer. Eg:  Smartphones, Tablets and in 2015 wearable products like the Iwatch. Today's Businesses can connect with their Employees and Customers through Apps or Social Media. One of the challenges we hear from Clients is where and when to start using this new type of Technology.

Total tablets have positioned itself to become Melbourne's Leading Mobility Experts. Below are some discussion points we can have with our Clients on a regular basis:

  • Leveraging tablets- Mobile Workers & Consumers
  • Responsive and Mobile Websites
  • Reach the Mobile Consumer- via Social Media
  • Mobile SEO & SEM
  • Local SEO- via Smartphones
  • Email strategies 
  • Mobile advertising 
  • Mobile analytics 

Business Benefits Mobile Offers

  • Increase Staff productivity 
  • Improved Customer conversations 
  • Smarter Business decisions
  • Increase Customer spend 
  • Grow Customer lifetime value 
  • Identify new revenue opportunities 

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