Mobility Centre

Information Workers

Tablets are a perfect collaboration tool for People to gather information, analyse, and work with others to complete projects.

Service Workers

Mobile devices enable you to see more Customers and have the opportunity to capture important data more accurately and effectively.

Sales Professionals

Improve Customer conversations and discover new ways to streamline Services that you can provide, and in turn, close more sales!


Tablets enable you to run your Business in real time. Instant access to timely information ensures issues are identified before they become problems.

Additional Features

Mobile & Web development solutions are always evolving. Further Services are coming towards the end of 2015.

Mobility Strategy

We can show Businesses how to share, engage and increase workforce relationships. Learn how Mobile Consumers have changed the game.

Mobile Audit

Businesses today are looking for smarter ways to work. Our free audit will show you how to adapt to Mobile Consumer change.

Mobile Consumer

Google has remodelled its Business in 2015, adopting a mobile first policy. Our Mobile Consultant’s will help you understand these changes.

Mobile and Social

We view your current Mobile social standing and then develop strategies to communicate with your Clients and increase Staff productivity through better Customer interaction.

Responsive Design

Google have changed the game. Businesses now NEED a Responsive Website. Your Customers think Mobile first!

Social Media

Businesses now understand Social Media creates new revenue Opportunities. We can show Businesses how to communicate the right message, in the correct place and time.


Our proven methods can boost your Business presence Online, by attracting qualified Customers to your Business. Success is achieved through a tailored mix of SEO and LOCAL search optimization.


SEM is another Channel your Business needs to understand. There are three players, Google, Paid Advertisers and Customers. This space can only grow!

Web Videos

Consumers are 75% more likely to trust branded Videos, and 64% of those are more likely to buy the product after viewing said Video.

App Development

Total tablets are not just another App Developer for hire. We understand Mobility and how Customers need to engage with your Business.

Cloud Services

Cloud Computing is changing how Companies collect and share data. Businesses are surprised by how much they can do and save.

Google Services

A Search Engine that boasts over 3.5 billion visits per month. Their own Social Media platform and FREE Apps. Leverage these Services today!


Our Company has leveraged the multiple functions a tablet provides. Learn from our experiences, reduce running costs, increase Staff productivity and ultimately improve Customer engagement.


SEO is a form of art. At Total tablets, one of our goals is to teach Businesses Search Engine Optimisation, effectively, and learn basic techniques.

Social Media

How do you reach the right Customers? Every type of Business needs a Social Media Strategy. Our Workshops are designed for both, beginners and experienced.


Total tablets Mission is to show Australian Businesses the power of the MOBILE WEB. Therefore, we arrange Events for local Businesses and large Corporations to share ideas in an open forum.

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