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Mobile and Social- connections

For Australian based Businesses in Melbourne and other major Capital Cities of Australia, it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest social media strategies, especially how Consumers connect to social media sites via their Mobile phone. Total tablets specialise in connecting Consumers to brands with the sole purpose of improving Customer engagement and brand awareness.

Businesses need to be mindful of why Australians spend an average of 14 minutes in every hour on social media, below are some stats for you to consider:

Mobile search stats 

  • FaceBook- 341million
  • YouTube- 50% visits
  • Google+- 20 million 
  • LinkedIn- 47% profile views
  • Pinterest- 35% (older stat)
  • Instagram- 47% smartphone 53% tablets (USA)
  • Twitter- 29 million

Social Media- Mobile Benefits

  • Local brand recognition 
  • Improved Customer Relationships 
  • New Business opportunities 
  • Happier workforce 
  • New Products and Services- Feedback
  • Testimonials and reviews 
  • Competitive advantage

We are aware the above benefits sound nice and fluffy,  and it is obvious that all Businesses would love to have a greater Social Media presence.  However, the reality is the investment required in cost and time.  That's why we can set up a FREE CONSULTATION,  so we can work with you to examine your potential opportunities.  Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.



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