Information Workers

Information Worker

Supporting a Mobile Workforce is no longer a challenge!

In the past, Information Workers had little connection to the 'home base' of an Organisation.  This lack of Communication slows productivity, creates poor staff engagement and limits the Opportunity to achieve the best outcomes for Consumers.

Total tablets will introduce faster communication between your Mobile Workforce, and develop a stronger connection between Management, Staff and Customers.

Below are the initial discussion points we will address with you in our first meeting.

  • Tablets can save your business between $10-$14,000 per employee
  • Current Communication between Home Base and Mobile Workforce
  • Uncover your Customer's pain points
  • Paperwork process and current deadlines
  • Current decision-making process
  • Security of information collected

If you feel Staff engagement and productivity is not where it needs to be,  Contact us for a consultation and we will show you new ways of working.


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