What to Expect from Apples iPad's

It's hard to believe it's only been five years since the original iPad appeared. During this time, the iPad has grown from a Consumer only Product through to the complete Business tool. Today's Tablet Market is a complicated place with cheap or expensive Tablets and a vast choice from millions of Apps claiming they are the ultimate solution to productivity.

iPad Features and Benefits to Consider 

  • Multiple size screens 
  • Current Market Leader
  • Apple app store
  • Apple Customer Support 
  • Leader in look and ease of use

Total tablets inception came from the Tablet phenomenon.  But the question is, Why should you purchase Tablets and training from us? Quite simply, we are the connection between today's Mobile Workforce and Consumer.  With over two years' experience guiding Businesses through Tablet strategies, we are well positioned to understand your Business needs and if the APPLE iPad is the right tablet for your Business.

Please note: Total tablets cannot offer cheaper iPad tablets due APPLE'S strict guidelines.   Our point of difference is our training, support and education of Apps to improve your Mobile Workforce productivity, Customer engagement, and Management decisions. Feel free to complete our online form to hear from a Company focused on Tablet solutions.


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