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Total tablets have positioned itself to become Melbourne's leading Mobility Experts.  Our existence stems from the need for Consumers to be able to interact with their chosen brands and Companies, via tablets or online services.  With more People searching for Products and Services, online we notice something very powerful.  Consumers haven't changed but how we reach them has.

We feel our Clients need more, and to facilitate that need, we take a holistic approach to Mobile Solutions.  Mobility has two sectors - the MODERN DAY MOBILE WORKFORCE, where Businesses can leverage Tablets for improved Staff productivity and Consumer engagement, and the MOBILE CONSUMER.  Businesses need to be MOBILE FRIENDLY.  Click through to our MOBILITY CENTRE to see how we can assist you.

Our commitment to our Clients 

We are not perfect, all we are is honest humble workaholics. Our commitment to all our Clients is complete transparency and Business growth.  We provide a selection of services no other digital Agency can offer and provide!


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Our Story 

Every Business has a story to share, Here is ours!

CEO Simon King Favourite Quote "if no one laughs at your dreams, they are not big enough!"

Simon King arrived in Australia on April 8th, 2000 with exactly $83.70.   His goal and dream, to live in Australia and run his own Business. Within 5 days of his arrival, he found a Company with an opportunity to sponsor him and develop him into a Business owner.  After 2 years of long hours and many sacrifices, he incorporated his first Company.  Simon successfully ran that Business for 12 years.  His clients ranged from AAPT, OPTUS, VODAFONE, TELSTRA, CITIBANK, AMEX and wide range of Charities.   Simon's success gave him the opportunity to expand his Business to every major Capital City in Australia.

By the end of 2012, Simon saw a massive opportunity to blend three Business processes and incorporate them under one umbrella.  They were MARKETING, TECHNOLOGY and today's MOBILE CONSUMER.  With this new vision, Simon and his partners incorporated TOTAL TABLETS in 2012.  Our journey now is to encourage Businesses to blend digital Business with conventional Businesses.  If you would like Simon to speak or share his Business success story he would be delighted to offer this complimentary.


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